System Deployment Image

System Deployment Image (SDI) enables you to create a file-backed virtual disk drive that can be used as a staging area for your run-time images.

In This Section

SDI Overview
Describes the SDI utility and when to use it.
Using the SDI Loader
Describes how to use the SDI loader to connect to a file-backed virtual disk drive.
Manually Installing the SDI Driver
Describes how to install the SDI driver manually.
Uninstalling the SDI Driver
Describes how to remove the SDI driver from the system.
Deploying a Run-Time Image Using the SDI Data Extraction Tool
Describes how to create a virtual disk from a run-time image.
SDI Data Extraction Tool
Describes the SDI data extraction tool, command usage, and syntax.
SDI Manager
Describes the SDI Manager utility and commands.

Related Sections

Deploy a Run-Time Image
Describes the process of transferring a run-time image to a variety of media types and the components and tools that are used for this purpose.
How to Create a Device Recovery CD by Using Windows PE and SDI
Describes how to create a CD that you can use for recovery, deployment, or field upgrades.

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