Target Analyzer Commands

To run Target Analyzer from a command line, type the following syntax at a command prompt.

TAP [/O filename][/R][/Q][/?]

- or -

TA [/O filename][/B][/Q][/?]
Note   Ta.exe is a real-mode 16-bit version of Target Analyzer that can be run by using Microsoft MS-DOS. Use Ta.exe only for 16-bit MS-DOS devices.


Specifies a path and file name for the output from the Target Analyzer tool. If no file name is specified, the default file name is Devices.pmq.
Forces detection of the target system as a legacy computer system when BIOS ACPI support is incompatible with Windows XP or Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, or when hardware detection problems occur. This parameter is for advanced Ta.exe use only.
Runs a reduced scan of registry path ControlSet001. By default, Tap.exe scans the CurrentControlSet registry path. This parameter applies only to Tap.exe.
Sets quiet mode to suppress all output during the hardware detection process.
Displays a list of command-line options for this tool.

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