Tutorial: Creating a Bootable CD-ROM

Tutorial: Creating a Bootable CD-ROM

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a bootable CD-ROM. This tutorial takes approximately three hours to complete.

This tutorial requires the following items:

  • CD-ROM Writer
  • CD ROM authoring software that supports ISO
  • A blank floppy disk
  • Disk 1 of the Windows XP Embedded installation media. Disk 3 of the Windows XP Embedded SP2 installation media can also be used.
  • At least two pieces of CD-R media
  • A second IDE hard disk to deploy the run-time image onto

In this tutorial, you complete the following major steps to create a bootable CD-ROM:

Step 1: Create a Working Configuration

Step 2: Add the Bootable CD-ROM Components to your Configuration

Step 3: Format and Prepare the Deployment Hard Disk

Step 4: Create an ISO Image of the Pre-FBA Run-Time Image

Step 5: Run FBA, Enable EWF, and Run ETPrep on your Run-Time Image

Step 6: Create an ISO Image of the Post-FBA Run-Time Image

Step 7: Deploy the Bootable CD-ROM

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