CompactPCI Components

CompactPCI Components

The following table shows Windows XP Embedded components that enable you to create a functional cPCI hot swap system.

CompactPCI Hot Swap SupportContains the core software modules that enable cPCI hot swap. This component is in the component tree under Software\System\Management\Infrastructure.
Chassis Support componentsRepresent specific models of cPCI chassis from specific vendors. After you configure these components, they contain information required by the cPCI hot swap module to integrate the PCI bus master to the hot swap peripheral boards.

If you are using a cPCI chassis that is not a supported chassis, add the Generic CompactPCI Chassis component. The chassis support components are in the component tree under Hardware\Platforms\CompactPCI\Chassis.

System Slot Board componentsRepresent support boards inserted into system slots of a CompactPCI chassis that manage the rest of the CompactPCI chassis. Each system slot board component may contain a platform driver for handling ENUM# signal. System slot boards are in the component tree under Hardware\Platforms\CompactPCI\System Slot Boards.
Non-System Slot Board componentsSupport CompactPCI microprocessor and peripheral boards that are plugged into nonsystem slots to provide application specific functionality. In addition to supporting all hardware supported by Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded supports hardware that implements the recommended hot swap control and status register (HS-CSR) standard described in the CompactPCI Hot Swap specification. Non-system slot boards are in the component tree under Hardware\Platforms\CompactPCI\Non-system Slot Boards.

After you add a cPCI component to your configuration, you can configure it by choosing Settings under the component in the Configuration Manager, and then entering information in the details pane. By configuring the components, you can customize resource assignment on the PCI bus segment of your target system, or adjust various timing variables used by cPCI hot swap software.

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