Creating a Cloned WEPOS Image

Creating a Cloned WEPOS Image

To create a cloned WEPOS image:

  1. First, install WEPOS on a client machine with same hardware as the Remote Boot Client machine on which you intend to install WEPOS.
  2. Customize WEPOS before creating the image:
    • Install additional software
    • Install additional drivers
    • Run Windows Update to get latest updates
  3. Clone the WEPOS machine to remove the uniqueness of the current installation:
    • Optional: If you want to boot one image for multiple computers that will not be a member of a domain, set the GenerateComputerName key as shown below in the SystemCloning.reg example before running fbreseal. This forces the client to obtain a new computer name each time it reboots.
    • Run fbreseal with desired options. Documentation for fbreseal is available on the Microsoft Developer Network.
    • When you see the “Machine Resealed! Click OK to reboot.” dialog, click OK.
      Warning: Do not let the machine reboot unless you are booting from the WEPOS CD, so that the cloned state of the install is maintained.

SystemCloning.reg Example

Here’s an example of SystemCloning.reg showing configurable keys:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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