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Generic CompactPCI Chassis Component

Windows XP Embedded includes the Generic CompactPCI Chassis component. This component enables you include a customized CompactPCI chassis in your configuration that is not supported out of the box.

To use this component, add it to your configuration in Target Designer. Then use the configuration UI under the Settings node to assign slot paths and designate system slots according to your hardware configuration.

The following table shows the slot path settings for the Generic CompactPCI Chassis component.

Setting nameDefault settingDescription
System slot 1DisabledThe identifier, which is a slot number between 1 and 16, for the physical slot that hosts a system slot board that manages the remaining cPCI chassis. Each cPCI chassis has a predefined system slot from which the system is booted.
System slot 2DisabledSome cPCI chassis, such as Motorola 8216, support two system slots for implementing failover. This property specifies the second system slot number, which can be a number from 1 to 16.
Slot 1 through Slot 16DisabledTo uniquely identify a PCI device, each physical slot is assigned a slot path. Devices are not identified by the bus numbers because the bus number may dynamically change as bus topology changes.

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