Installing with Unicast Remote Boot

Installing with Unicast Remote Boot

Windows Embedded Point of Service (WEPOS) can be run on diskless workstations using the Remote Boot Service included on the WEPOS Installation CD.


The following items are required for starting WEPOS from Remote Boot:

  • A properly configured Remote Boot Server
  • Read help included with Remote Boot Manager
  • Destination computers with network adapters that are PXE-enabled

Note: The maximum image size supported by Remote Boot is 500 MB. It is generally recommended that you have RAM on the client machine twice the image size.

To install with Remote Boot service:

  1. Create a cloned WEPOS image.
  2. Copy the WEPOS installation image to an external hard drive or network share:
    • Boot the client system using the WEPOS CD.
    • Shortly after boot-up, press any key to display the Setup command prompt.
    • Run factory –winpe if you choose to copy the image to a network share.
    • Type XCOPY C:\*.* destination_drive: \ /chervyqi and press Enter.
  3. Use the copied WEPOS image as you follow the steps in the Remote Boot Manager documentation.
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