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Component Definition File Overview

In the component definition file, you can define new components to list in the All Nodes pane in Target Designer. A component definition file contains system instructions for the components, including their capabilities and dependencies. You can also configure capabilities and components by using information in your development system, such as your local registry or the Target Designer system database.

After creating your component definition file, you can import it into Target Designer. Then you can add the new components to your configuration.

Component definition file sections provide information about a component and its relationship to other components, including conflicts and dependencies. It is important to be familiar with each section of the file before you start a new one. For specific section instructions, click the appropriate question mark icon:

ms829883.tdcdbutton(en-US,WinEmbedded.4).gifComponent Definition File Header

For more information, see Setting Component Definition File Properties.


For more information, see To add a capability.


For more information, see Adding a Component.


For more information, see To add a file.


For more information, see Registry Additions.


For more information, see Dependencies and Conflicts.

ms829883.cdneededbysymbol(en-US,WinEmbedded.4).gifNeeded by

For more information, see Dependencies and Conflicts.


For more information, see Dependencies and Conflicts.

Note   When you import the component definition file into Target Designer, the support files are also imported.
Although you can use any text editor to create or edit a component definition file, Component Designer gives you a graphic view, which speeds up the process.
When using Component Designer, you do not need to be aware of the internal structure of the component definition file. For proper syntax, see the component definition file section in Target Designer Help.

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