How to: View Test Results Through a Build Report

After you have run tests, you can view the test results on your own computer. For more information, see Obtaining Test Results and, in particular, How to: Adjust Test Results Views. In a team environment, individuals can publish test results, which makes them available to the team.


It is possible to publish test results and view published test results only if you have Team Explorer installed and your Visual Studio user session is connected to a Team Foundation Server computer. For information about how to connect to Team Foundation Server, see How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server.

After a tester or developer has published test results to the operational store, the test results are transferred to the data warehouse. This transfer to the data warehouse occurs regularly, such as one time per hour. Reports, which you can find under your team project's Reports node in Team Explorer, do not reflect test results until after the data warehouse has been updated.


To view published test results, use the steps in the following procedure. Do not view test results by going to the drop location folder and trying to open test results files through Windows Explorer.

Viewing Published Test Results


  • Test results have been published. Team members can publish tests using the MSTest command-line utility, the Visual Studio IDE, or Team Foundation Build. For more information about publishing test results, see How to: Publish Test Results.

  • You have the Team System testing tools installed on your computer.

To view test results

  1. Connect to Team Foundation Server.

  2. Open the Team Explorer window, expand your team project folder, and expand the Team Builds folder.

  3. The build that contains the published test results is of a certain build type. If you know the build type of this build, double-click that build type under the Team Builds folder. If you do not know the build type, double-click All Build Types.

    This displays the Team Build Browser. In the Team Build Browser, you can view summary status information about builds that have run or are currently running.

  4. On the build-type page, double-click the build that contains the published test results. For example, Milestone2.12345.42. This opens the build details page. For more information, see Walkthrough: Viewing Team Foundation Build Report Results.

  5. Expand the section labeled Result details for <platform>/<build flavor>, where <platform>/<build flavor> could equate to x86/dbg.

    This displays all the test runs that have been published to the Milestone2.12345.42 build for the x86/dbg configuration.

  6. Under Test Run, click one of the test run links.

    Assuming that you have the Team System testing tools installed on your computer, you will be prompted for a folder in which to save the test run results.

  7. Select an existing folder or create a new one, and then click OK.

    The test run results are downloaded and will exist on your local computer like any other results that you obtain by running tests locally. You can open the downloaded test results by using the Select Run list box of the Test Results window toolbar. After you have opened the test run results, they are displayed in the Test Results window, where you can view them or re-run them.

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