How to: Use Data Source Views in Packages

New: 14 April 2006

Before you can use a data source view in a package, you must first create the data source on which you want to build the data source view, and then create the data source view.

To learn more about using data sources and data source views, see Data Source (SSIS) and Data Source View (SSIS).

To learn more about how to create and extend these objects, see Working with Data Sources How-to Topics (SSAS) and Working with Data Source Views How-to Topics (SSAS).

The data source and its data source view must be in the same Integration Services project as the package in which you want to use the view. You can build the data source and data source in the Integration Services project, or you can add existing items from other projects. You can add data sources and data source views from Reporting Services, Analysis Services, or other Integration Services projects.

After a data source and its data sources views are in the Integration Services project, you add must add a connection manager that references the data source to the package. When you add the connection manager based on a data source to a package, Integration Services adds an OLE DB type connection manager. Only sources, transformations, and destinations that can use an OLE DB connection manager can use data source views. The following data flow components can use data source views:

  • OLE DB source
  • Lookup transformation
  • Fuzzy Lookup transformation
  • Term Lookup transformation
  • OLE DB destination
  • SQL Server destination

Before you can use a data source view in a package, you must add the data source, on which the data source view is built, to the package. For more information, see How to: Add a Data Source Reference to a Package.

  1. Double-click the data flow component.

  2. In the connection manager list, select the connection manager built on a data source.

  3. Expand the connection manager and click the data source view that you want to use.

  4. In the list of tables and views, select the table in the data source view to use.

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