How to: Bulk Copy by Using a Format File (ODBC)

New: 14 April 2006

  1. Allocate an environment handle and a connection handle.

  2. Set SQL_COPT_SS_BCP and SQL_BCP_ON to enable bulk copy operations.

  3. Connect to Microsoft® SQL Server™.

  4. Call bcp_init to set the following information:

    • The name of the table or view to bulk copy from or to.
    • The name of the data file that contains the data to copy into the database or that receives data when copying from the database.
    • The name of a data file to receive any bulk copy error messages (specify NULL if you do not want a message file).
    • The direction of the copy: DB_IN from the file to the table or view.
  5. Call bcp_readfmt to read the format file describing the data file to be used by the bulk copy operation.

  6. Call bcp_exec to execute the bulk copy operation.

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