This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Troubleshooting Team Foundation Build Server

The following section describes common Team Foundation Build computer errors and gives information about how to troubleshoot the errors.

When you click Build in the Build now dialog box, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • Error: TF42046: The build service used in the build process is not reachable. This error occurs when either the build computer is off-line, the required service is not running, Team Foundation Build is not installed on the build computer, Team Foundation Build is configured for a different Team Foundation Server or the network is not available. Please contact your Team Foundation Server administrator to verify that Team Foundation Build is correctly installed and running.

  • Error: The build service could not validate the caller. Please ensure that the network connection between Build computer and Team Foundation Server is proper, and the caller is valid.


To fix either of these errors, make sure that the following conditions are true:

  • Make sure that the build component is installed on the build computer and that “Team Foundation Build service” is running in the services controller.

    Start the Team Build Service by selecting Services in Administrative Tools. In the Services pane, right-click Team Build Service and click Start.

  • Make sure that the account running the “Team Foundation Build Service” on the build computer is a member of the “Build Services” group for that team project. This is required to give the account appropriate permissions across the various components of the Team Foundation Server. For more information, see Team Foundation Build Security Rights and Permissions.

  • If the build computer is firewall enabled, make sure that the program tfsbuildservice is in the exceptions list.

  • Verify that the Build computer name provided for the build type is correct. You can verify this in the file TFSBuild.proj or the Build <Teamproject> dialog box.

  • Make sure that the version of the Team Foundation Server and the Team Foundation Build computer are same.

  • Make sure that the build computer which was used with another Team Foundation Server (for example, beta2 Team Foundation Server), is now not set to being used for the new Team Foundation Server. In these cases, the AllowedTeamServer key in the registry at HKCU\Software\microsoft\visualstudio\8.0\teambuild for the Build service account, or the AllowedTeamServer key in the TFSBuildService.config file contains the allowed team server. If the specified server is no longer being used, delete the registry entry.