This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Remote Build Server

Visual Studio 2005

Generally, most companies want only one build computer for creating builds, logging work items, and creating work items. You want to avoid the confusion of having different build computers creating different public builds. However, it is possible to have remote build computers and that might meet the needs of your remote teams.


No efficiency is gained from re-distributing builds from remote offices back to the main development location.

Before creating a remote build computer, consider the following points:

  • If teams in the remote offices want only to start builds and view reports, then you probably only need a build computer at your main development location.

  • If the remote teams use those builds frequently, then you might want to automate the download of builds from a central build drop location. In some companies, it is a part of their development policy that all builds come from a central location so that everyone has the same version.

  • The distributed teams can use a desktop build to create the binaries needed and therefore do not need the build computer.

For more information, see Managing Builds with Team Foundation Build.

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