Backup Requirements and Considerations
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Backup Requirements and Considerations

Visual Studio 2005

Team Foundation Server stores data in SQL Server databases on the Team Foundation data-tier server. You can perform database backups manually, and you can also schedule automatic data backup by using SQL Server maintenance plans. For a detailed description of back up preparation, see Backing Up the Team Foundation Server.

Backing Up the Team Foundation Data-Tier Server

Because Team Foundation Server stores Windows SharePoint Services data for team projects and SQL Reporting Services data for project reporting in SQL Server databases as well as Team Foundation Server data itself, you do not have to worry about backing up data on Team Foundation clients. All data (except for the SQL Server Reporting Services encryption key) are stored on the Team Foundation data-tier server. For more information, see How to: Back Up a Team Foundation Server.

Caution noteCaution

Although SQL Server Management Studio allows you to back up individual databases at a time, restoring from such back ups can cause unexpected results because the databases are related and you risk restoring outdated versions.

Backing Up the Team Foundation Application-Tier Server

SQL Server Reporting Services are located on the Team Foundation application-tier server. The only aspect of these services that you must back up is the Reporting Services encryption key. All the data is on the Team Foundation data-tier server. This encryption key safeguards sensitive information stored in the report server database. You must back up the encryption key in order to ensure successful restoration of any encrypted data. You can manually back up the Report Server encryption key using either the Report Services Configuration tool or a command-line tool. For more information, see How to: Back Up the Reporting Services Encryption Key.

Other Backup Considerations

Although Team Foundation Server stores all of its data in SQL Server databases, some installation configuration information and Team Foundation customizations require additional backup steps.

  • When you deploy Team Foundation, keep a record of the accounts that you create, and any computer names, passwords, and setup options that you choose. If you do not keep an accurate record of this data, you might not be able to restore a Team Foundation Server deployment.

  • Always keep a copy of all recovery materials, documents, and database and transaction log backups at an offsite location.

  • If you have created custom site collections, site templates, or Web parts in Windows SharePoint Services but outside Team Foundation, you must back them up separately. For more information, see "Backup and Restore Options for Windows SharePoint Services" in the Windows SharePoint Services online documentation.

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