This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How the Converter Groups Changesets for Improved Performance

In Team Foundation version control, changesets are used to group information about a check-in. A changeset consists of:

  • Source file and folder revisions; such as adds, renames, edits, deletes, and moves.

  • Related work items.

  • System metadata; such as the owner and date and time of the check-in.

  • Check-in notes and comments.

In Visual SourceSafe, every action in a file and folder creates a new version in either file history, or folder history, or both. During migration, separate actions in Visual SourceSafe history are grouped together into a single changeset based on the following:

  1. Actions are consecutive.

  2. Actions are not conflicting. For example, no two actions affect the same file or folder.

  3. Actions have the same check-in comment.

  4. All actions are completed by the same user.

The grouping of actions into a single changeset increases the performance of the migration.