Installing SQL Server Books Online

Updated: 15 September 2007

SQL Server Books Online is the primary source of Help for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. You can install SQL Server Books Online either during Setup or at any time after SQL Server 2005 has been installed.

The following procedure describes how to install or update SQL Server Books Online after SQL Server 2005 has been installed.

  1. At the SQL Server Books Online Web site, select the SQL Server Books Online language for your instance of SQL Server from the list in the right-hand pane. Click Go to open the download page.

  2. On the download page, read the overview and instructions for the download package. To continue, click Download.

  3. In the File download dialog box, click Save, and then select a folder from the Save as dialog box. To continue, click Save.

  4. After the download is complete, double-click the MSI to start installation.

  5. In the Open file dialog box, click Run to start the Installation Wizard.

  6. Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

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