README How to fetch rows from a result set (OLE DB)

Updated: 17 July 2006

Shows how to fetch rows from a result set. This sample is not supported on IA64.

For more information on this sample, see How to: Fetch Rows from a Result Set (OLE DB) in Books Online.

This sample uses Visual C++.

Before running this sample, make sure the following software is installed:

This sample connects to your computer's default SQL Server instance. To connect to a named instance, change the connection string from L"(local)" to L"(local)\name", where name is the named instance. By default, SQL Server Express installs to a named instance.

If you are using Visual Studio, load the FetchRowsFromResultSet.sln file and build it.

If you are using MSBuild.exe, invoke MSBuild.exe at a command prompt, passing it the FetchRowsFromResultSet.sln file:

MSBuild FetchRowsFromResultSet.sln

From Visual Studio, invoke Start Without Debugging (CTRL+F5).

If you built with MSBuild.exe, invoke FetchRowsFromResultSet.exe.

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Release History

17 July 2006

Changed content:
  • Clarified and updated prerequistites including the web site for downloading the samples.
New content:
  • Added information on connecting to a named instance.

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