This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Location Dialog Box (Visual Database Tools)

New: 5 December 2005

Use this dialog box to locate and select the folder containing the files of interest. This dialog box returns the path of the selected folder to the calling dialog box. You can access this dialog box in the following way:

  • Choose New from the File menu and select Project. When the New Project dialog box is displayed, choose Browse. The Location dialog box opens with the title Project Location.
Look in

Locate the folder you want from this list. Subfolders of the selected folder are displayed.


Displays the files and folders located on the desktop.

My Projects

Displays the files and folders in the My Projects location.

My Computer

Displays the contents of your floppy disk, hard disk, and CD-ROM drive.

Folder name

Displays the path of the selected folder.


Returns the path of the selected folder in the Folder name field to the calling dialog box.

Navigate Back

Returns the most recently viewed folder, drive, or Internet location.

Up One Level

Navigates the tree to the next highest folder in the hierarchy.


Deletes the selected files or folders from storage.

Create New Folder

Displays the New Folder dialog box. Use this option to create a new child folder under the folder selected in the Look in list.