Lesson 4: Creating a Report that Uses XML Data

New: 5 December 2005

In this lesson, you will create a report that uses data from the Report Server Web service that you retrieved in the previous lessons. In the previous lessons, you created datasets from a variety of XML data sources. To view the data in a report, you need to add fields from the dataset to a data region. In this lesson, you will add a rectangle container, two tables, and a group, format and resize the fields, and preview the report.

  1. In Layout view, drag a rectangle onto the design surface.

  2. Drag a table into the rectangle. Reduce the size of the table.

  3. Drag a second table next to the first one. Reduce the size of the table to fit.

  4. From the Datasets window, drag Name and Path to the second and third columns of the Detail row.

  5. Right-click a row handle and select Insert Group.

  6. In the Grouping and Sorting Properties dialog box, in the Group on text box, select =Fields!Type.Value. Click OK.

  7. Drag Type to the group header row of the first column.

  8. Delete unused footer rows.

  9. Select the table header row, style the text as bold, enlarge the font, and align the text to the left.

  10. Select the group header row, style the text as bold, and specify left alignment.

  11. Select the detail row and specify left alignment.

  12. Resize the columns so that the Name and Path columns are larger relative to the Type column.

  13. Save the file, and then click Preview. The finished report shows the name and path of each item, organized by type.

This concludes this tutorial about how to retrieve XML data. To learn more about report design or how to retrieve data from other sources, see Reporting Services Tutorials.

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