How To: Receive Management Information Without Waiting
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How To: Receive Management Information Without Waiting

.NET Framework 2.0

Access to management information often occurs in distributed environments, and might involve large amounts of data. To support this, management operations can also be performed asynchronously.

The method used to invoke an operation asynchronously is an overload of the synchronous method, with an additional parameter of type ManagementOperationObserver for handling the callbacks for results. This object defines events for notification when results arrive and on completion. You can create handlers and include them in the subscription that execute when these events are generated.


The following code example demonstrates how to query for management information asynchronously. The query is for instances of the Win32_Service class (services running on the local computer), and the name and state of instances of the Win32_Service class are displayed.

using System;
using System.Management;

// This example demonstrates how
// to perform an asynchronous instance enumeration.

public class EnumerateInstancesAsync 
    public EnumerateInstancesAsync()
        // Enumerate asynchronously using Object Searcher
        // ===============================================

        // Instantiate an object searcher with the query
        ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = 
            new ManagementObjectSearcher(new

        // Create a results watcher object
        ManagementOperationObserver results = new

        // Attach handler to events for results and completion
        results.ObjectReady += new 
        results.Completed += new 

        // Call the asynchronous overload of Get()
        // to start the enumeration
        // Do something else while results
        // arrive asynchronously
        while (!isCompleted)
            System.Threading.Thread.Sleep (1000);

    private bool isCompleted = false;

    private void NewObject(object sender,
        ObjectReadyEventArgs obj) 
        Console.WriteLine("Service : {0}, State = {1}", 
    private void Reset()   
        isCompleted = false;

    private void Done(object sender,
        CompletedEventArgs obj) 
        isCompleted = true;

    public static void Main()
        EnumerateInstancesAsync asyncQuery =
            new EnumerateInstancesAsync();

Compiling the Code

The example requires references to the System and System.Management namespaces.

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