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_CountLeadingZeros, _CountLeadingZeros64 

Visual Studio 2005

This function returns the number of contiguous zero bits starting with the most significant bit in the argument.

unsigned __cdecl _CountLeadingZeros(
  long arg1

unsigned __cdecl _CountLeadingZeros64(
  __int64 arg1



[in] The unsigned integer to be examined by the function.

The number of contiguous zero bits in arg1. If none of the bits in arg1 are set, the return value is of _CountLeadingZeros is 32, or the value of _CountLeadingZeros64 is 64.

This function can be implemented by calling a runtime function.

Routine Required header Architecture



x86, ARM, SH-4, MIPS



x86, ARM, SH-4, MIPS

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