This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ChangeAccount Command

Use ChangeAccount to change account and password settings for all service accounts.

Required Permissions

To use the ChangeAccount command, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators security group on the Team Foundation application-tier server and a member of the sysadmin security group on the SQL Server on the Team Foundation data-tier server. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

TFSAdminUtil ChangeAccount oldacct newacct newpwd 


Argument Description


Specifies the old account name.


Specifies the new account name.


Specifies the new account password.


We recommend that you back up the databases in the Team Foundation Server data tier server.

The ChangeAccount command is used by an administrator who wants to replace the service account, for example, MyLocation\TFSSERVICE, with another pre-crafted service account such as MyLocation\tfssvc. The administrator runs this tool to update all Team Foundation servers that have the new service account. Notice that User accounts can be used if the account has the correct permissions.

Before you assign the new account with TFSAdminUtil Changeaccount command, the account must have the Log on as a service permission on the application-tier server. For more information, see

The utility first tries to update the data tier. It assigns the new account to the same role group as the old account, making sure that permissions are maintained and that no SQL Server downtime occurs. This means that the old user account must be removed manually from the data tier after a successful change of accounts.

Next, the utility updates the application tier by changing application pool identities. Application pools are restarted individually by the utility, although Internet Information Services (IIS) does not have to be restarted. Finally, the utility updates and restarts the Team Foundation Server Task Scheduler service, TFSServerScheduler for changes to take effect. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Task Scheduler.


If you have configured e-mail alerts, after using the ChangeAccount command, you must manually edit the web.config file and change the value of emailNotificationFromAddress from the old service account's e-mail address to the new service account's e-mail address. For more information, see How to: Configure SMTP Server and E-mail Notification Settings in the Services Web.Config File.

The following example shows the syntax used to update service accounts. The utility swaps all instances of the old account, MyOldAcct, with a new account, MyNewAcct, and new password, newPass. The utility iterates through the services and only changes those which run under the old account.

>TFSAdminUtil.exe ChangeAccount MyOldAcct MyNewAcct newPass