We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Groups

You can use groups in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server to organize and manage users within a team project or team project collection. You can use the groups that are created by default when you install Team Foundation Server, create a team project collection, and create a team project. As an alternative, you can create custom groups at the server level, the collection level, and the project level. A group is a collection of users who have the same security requirements in a project or collection. By adding users to groups, you can significantly reduce the time that is spent on managing individual permissions for users. Users automatically inherit the permissions of any group to which they belong. This strategy is particularly important when you must also manage the permissions for users in SharePoint Products and SQL Server Reporting Services.


It might take several minutes for new membership in a group to propagate to an individual user account.

Default Groups

Describes the default groups that are created at the server level, the collection level, and the project level when Team Foundation Server is installed.

Custom Groups

Describes how to create and manage custom groups at the collection level and the project level.

Adding and Removing Users To and From Groups

Describes how to mange the membership of users in custom or default groups.