Unsupported Domain Configurations
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Unsupported Domain Configurations

The following Active Directory domain configurations are supported domain configurations for Team Foundation Server:

  • Windows 2000 native mode

  • Windows Server 2003 domain functional level

All other domain configurations are unsupported. Some specific examples of unsupported Team Foundation Server domain configurations are as follows:

  • Installation of Team Foundation Server on a server configured as a domain controller is not supported.

  • Windows 2000 mixed mode domains are not supported.

  • Windows Server 2003 domain controllers configured as Windows 2000 mixed-mode functional level are not supported.

  • Configuring the application tier and data tier between a domain and a workgroup.

Examples of supported domain topologies can be found in A Simple Team Foundation Server Topology, A Moderate Team Foundation Server Topology, and A Complex Team Foundation Server Topology.

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