This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Server Contributor Permissions

Visual Studio 2005

To enable users to act in different Team Foundation roles, they must have the appropriate permissions for Team Foundation Server, Reporting Services, and Window SharePoint server. In this topic, you learn what permissions are required for a Team Foundation Server project contributor and where to find information about how to appropriately set those permissions.

Team Foundation Project Contributor

A Team Foundation project contributor generally contributes to a project but has no project administration responsibilities. A Team Foundation project contributor can read and write work items, access the team project portal, and process guidance for a team project. The user who creates a new team project is automatically added as a project administrator. If you want to grant access to other users, you must add them as project contributors. A team project contributor must be a member of the following groups:

  • Team Foundation Project Contributor.

  • Windows SharePoint Services Contributor.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services Browser.

The following topics describe how to set these permissions:

How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Reporting Services

Describes how to set SQL Server Reporting Services contributor permissions.

How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Team Foundation Server

Explains how to set Team Foundation Server contributor permissions.

How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Windows SharePoint Services

Details how to set Windows SharePoint Services contributor permissions.

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