This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data Source Configuration Wizard (Visual Web Developer) 

The Data Source Configuration wizard helps you to configure a data source when you want to display data in an ASP.NET Web server control that supports data binding. For more information about data binding, see ASP.NET Data Access Overview.

Web server controls that support data binding include, but are not limited to, the following:

To open the Data Source Configuration wizard from an ASP.NET Web server control
  1. In Visual Web Developer, create or open an existing .aspx page and then switch to Design view.

  2. From the Toolbox, drag one of the controls from the previous list onto the page. For example, from the Standard group of the Toolbox, drag a GridView control onto the page.

  3. Right-click the control and then click Show Smart Tag.

  4. In the tasks window, from the Choose Data Source drop-down list, select New data source. (If there is no drop-down list available in the tasks window, click Choose Data Source.)


    Some controls only allow you to click Choose Data Source, after which you select New data source from the Select a data source drop-down list.


UI Elements

Where will the application get data from?

Specify the type of data that you want to retrieve. The following data types are available:

Specify an ID for the data source

Specify an identifier for the data source control. This identifier will become the value of the id attribute for the data source control that is created by the wizard.

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