This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Pass Custom Parameters to Templates 

You can use the CustomParameter element in your .vstemplate file to add new parameters to a template. For a complete list of template parameters, see Template Parameters.

To add a custom parameter

  1. Locate the TemplateContent element in the .vstemplate file for the template.

  2. Add a CustomParameters element and one or more CustomParameter child elements as children of the TemplateContent element. For example:

            <CustomParameter Name="$MyParameter1$" Value="MyValue2"/>
            <CustomParameter Name="$MyParameter2$" Value="MyValue2">
  3. Use the parameter in one or more of the code files in the template. For example:

    string Value1 = "$MyParameter1"
    string Value2 = "$MyParameter2"

    When a project is created from the template, the values set by the Value attributes of the CustomParameter elements corresponding to the parameters will replace the parameters in the code files.

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