Projects and Solutions (How Do I for General Development) 

Visual Studio 2005

Use this page to locate basic information about working with projects and solutions. When viewing any of the topics listed below, you can locate related topics by clicking the Sync with Table of Contents button and then browsing the resulting part of the table of contents.

How to: Create Solutions and Projects

Lean how to create empty solutions, as well as projects and solutions simultaneously.

How to: Create a Project from Existing Code Files

Learn how to create .sln and .*proj files for an existing application so you can edit the files in the integrated development environment (IDE).

How to: Create Multi-Project Solutions

Learn how to create an empty solution in a specific directory and how to then add projects to create a multi-project solution.

How to: Use a Starter Kit to Create a New Project

Learn how to use a custom project template to create a new project.

How to: Add New Project Items

Learn how to add new files to a project.

How to: Set Startup Projects

Learn how to specify which project in a multi-project solution should start first.

How to: Use an Application Configuration File to Target a .NET Framework Version

Learn how to specify which version of the .NET Framework your application targets.

How to: Modify Project Properties and Configuration Settings

Learn where to set preferences for projects.

How to: Create Project Templates

Learn how to use the Export Template wizard to create project templates.

How to: Create Item Templates

Learn how to use the Export Template wizard to create item templates.

How to: Create Multi-Project Templates

Learn how to create multi-project templates.

How to: Create Starter Kits

Learn how to create Starter Kits.

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