This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Automation and Extensibility (How Do I for General Development) 

Visual Studio 2005

Use this page to locate information about accessing automation and extensibility features in Visual Studio and creating macros, add-ins, and wizards, as well as about using the Visual Studio automation object model to programmatically manipulate projects, code, IDE elements, and much more. When viewing any of the topics listed below, you can locate related topics by clicking the Sync with Table of Contents button and then browsing the resulting part of the table of contents.

Visual Studio Macros

Learn about how to create and use macros to access the automation object models that allow you to automate tasks in Visual Studio.

Extending the Visual Studio Environment

Learn about new features for this version, how to create wizards and add-ins, automation-enabled applications, and more.

Introduction to Project Extensibility

Learn about the project-specific automation object model that enables you to query and manipulate Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J# projects and the project items they contain.

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Find core language reference topics for Visual Studio shared components.

Visual Basic, Visual C# and Visual J# Extensibility Object Model for Projects

Learn about the objects, properties, methods, and events used to automate Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J# projects and create new project item types.

Visual C++ Extensibility Object Model

Learn about the assemblies that make up the Visual C++ automation object model used for controlling Visual C++ wizards, Visual C++-specific code, and Visual C++ projects.