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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Web Service Details Window Terminology 

In Application Designer, you can use the Web Service Details window to review, define, and edit operations and their parameters for Web service provider endpoints on ASP.NET applications and to view, but not edit, operations and parameters for external and BizTalk Web services. In System Designer, you can use the Web Service Details window to view, but not edit, these operations. For more information, see Overview of Application Designer and Overview of System Designer.


The Web Service Details window supports only Web service provider endpoints.

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The following illustration shows elements of the Web Service Details window.

Web Service Details Window
Web Service Details window

The following table introduces terminology associated with the Web Service Details window.

Term Definition

Web service (provider) endpoint

Refers to an endpoint that exposes a Web service. For more information, see Application Designer Terminology.


Describes an action provided by a Web service.


Describes a value passed to an operation.


Describes an operation return type, if needed, or a parameter type. Once the application is implemented, the type list displays language-specific types.


Describes how to pass a parameter to an operation, depending on the programming language chosen for the Web service.


Describes comments for the operation. These comments appear in the Web service class or the WSDL file for the Web service.