This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthrough: Contract Driven Web Service Design - Creating an Endpoint 

This walkthrough illustrates key aspects of designing a Web service using Application Designer. This walkthrough explains how to create a Web service endpoint from WSDL.

This walkthrough builds on concepts presented in the introductory walkthrough topic, Walkthrough: Defining Applications and modified in Walkthrough: Designing a Web Service.

To create a Web service endpoint from WSDL

  1. Download the LegacyCatalog.WSDL file from and save it to disk.

  2. Right-click the Catalog application and choose Create Web Service Endpoints From WSDL.

    The Add Web Reference dialog box appears.

  3. Browse your local machine to find the location of LegacyCatalog.wsdl.

  4. Enter this location under URL and click Go.

  5. Click Add Reference.

  6. The GetLegacyInfo endpoint appears on the Catalog application.

    The endpoint added is based on the selected WSDL contract. The GetLegacyInfo endpoint is automatically implemented because the Catalog application was implemented in Walkthrough: Designing a Web Service.

  7. Select the GetLegacyInfo endpoint, right-click, and choose Define Operations to view the Web Service Details window.

  8. Open GetLegacyInfo.cs and view the WebMethods in code.

  9. Set the WSDL Binding Location property on the endpoint if you want to use the original WSDL file instead of the generated WSDL file. For more information, see How to: Override WSDL Binding Definitions in WSDL Files.