We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Placing Files under Version Control

This section describes how to add solutions, projects, and items to Team Foundation version control.

Add Files to Version Control

Explains the steps used to add projects and solutions to Team Foundation version control.

Choose an Alternate Mapping for a Solution

Explains the steps used to establish alternate mapping for files in a solution or project.

Bind and Unbind Projects and Solutions

Describes the steps required to bind projects and solutions.

Add Non-Project or Non-Solution Files and Folders to Version Control

Team Foundation version control lets you add items to the server that are not necessarily affiliated with a project or solution. An example is a file created by a third-party language that is independent of the Visual Studio solution.

Delete Files and Folders from Version Control

Describes the procedures used to delete files and folders from the Team Foundation version control server.

Move, Rename, and Delete Version-Controlled Files and Folders

Describes how to move, rename, and delete items from Team Foundation version control.

Submitting Changes

Describes how to check in pending changes with changesets.