We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: View Details for Shelvesets

Team Foundation source control retains historical data that is associated with shelvesets. Shelving enables you to set aside the pending changes in your workspace to work on a higher priority task or to share your code with another user for code review. The following procedure demonstrates how to view the historical details associated with a shelveset.

Required Permissions

To perform these procedures, you must have the Read permission on at least one item set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To view details for shelvesets

  1. On the File menu, click Source Control, and then click Unshelve.

    The Unshelve dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the shelveset you want to view.

  3. Click Details.

    The Shelveset Details dialog box is displayed with the following information:

    • Shelveset name

    • Owner

    • Date

    • Source Files

    • Work Items

    • Checkin Notes

    In addition to seeing the list of source files, you can examine their contents by clicking either View or Compare.

    You can also perform an Unshelve operation. For more information, see How to: Shelve and Unshelve Pending Changes.

  4. Click Cancel.

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