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Custom rule assembly has invalid XML resources

This occurs if a custom rule assembly has invalid XML resources describing its rules. The correct format is as follows:

<Rules FriendlyName="Customer Rules">

<Rule TypeName="[The unqualified type name of the rule]" Category="[A category name such as Customer.Usage]" CheckId="[An identifier for the rule that is at least unique within the same category]">

<Name>[Localized version of the type name, this is the rule name that appears in the UI]</Name>

<Description>[A sentence describing the rule in more detail than the name].</Description>

<Url>[A URL pointing to a documentation or info about the rule]</Url>

<Resolution>[Format string for rule messages].</Resolution>

<Email>[Email Address]</Email>

<MessageLevel Certainty="[A number from 0 to 100]">[Error or Warning]</MessageLevel>

<FixCategories>[NonBreaking or Breaking]</FixCategories>

<Owner>[Rule owner name or group]</Rule>



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