How to: Edit Reports in Report Designer

After you have created and used a report, you may want to modify that report in response to changing requirements of your team project.

Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator or your team project administrator to make sure that your user account has the permissions described in the following section.


You must have the SQL Server 2005 workstation components installed in order to use the Business Intelligence project types.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Microsoft Analysis Server TfsWarehouseDataReaders security role on the data-tier server of Team Foundation Server. For more information, see Securing Access Through Analysis Services. Your user account must also be a member of the SQL Server Reporting Services Publisher role on the application-tier server of Team Foundation Server. For more information, see Securing Reporting Services.

To change a report

  1. On the File menu in Visual Studio 2005, point to Open, and then click Project/Solution.

  2. In the Open Project dialog box, select to your project, and then click Open.

  3. In Solution Explorer, expand the Reports node, and double-click the name of the report you want to edit.


    The name of the report must have an .rdl extension. Otherwise, Report Designer cannot change the file correctly.

  4. For more instructions about how to use Report Designer, press the F1 key or see the topic Report Designer How-to Topics.

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