This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Process Template Key Concepts

Before you start modifying a process template, there are five key concepts that you should understand. The root XML file has four sections you can customize. Additionally, tasks and dependencies can be customized.

In This Section

Root XML Files

Describes the root XML file, ProcessTemplate.xml, and gives XML examples of how to complete the four sections needed for process template customization: Name, Description, Plugins, and Task Groups.


Describes the roles of tasks and the elements in a task, and gives an XML example of how to specify work for a task to finish.


Describes the dependencies of tasks and task group, and gives XML examples of how to specify dependencies. Also lists Process Template Plug-in dependencies.

Template Version File

Describes the process template version file that contains a GUID uniquely identifying the process template. Also explains how to update the corresponding version file when customizing a process template.

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