This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

W (Visual Studio Team System Glossary)

This glossary defines key terms that are used in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System Help.


A message that notifies you of a build issue. See also: error


See: work breakdown structure

Web test

A test type that targets the validation of Web pages and HTTP requests.

Web Test Editor

The Visual Studio editor in which a Web test is edited. It displays a tree structure of requests nodes.

Web Test Viewer

A Visual Studio window where Web tests are run and results are displayed.

work breakdown structure (WBS)

A deliverable-oriented grouping of project elements that organizes and defines the total work scope of the project. Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of the project work. The work breakdown structure (WBS) should also identify the elements' relationships to each other and to the end product.

work item

1) A database record that Visual Studio Team Foundation uses to track the assignment and state of work. A work item represents files and folders that are stored in the Team Foundation Server source control server. The types are: task, change request, risk, review, requirement, and bug. 2) An instance of a work item type, it is a unit of work assigned to a user in the Team Foundation Server.

Work Item Form view

The Visual Studio document window that shows the full form of a work item instance. You can open many work item forms as documents in Visual Studio.

work item ID

The unique identifier of a work item in the database.

work item log

Lists the current notes you are typing and the uneditable historical conversation that has already been saved.

Work Item Query

A specialized SELECT statement containing a WHERE clause, and COLUMN and SORT BY elements. Work Item Query is modeled after SQL queries.

Work Item Query Language (WIQL)

A loose variant of SQL, the WIQL describes a query in the Work Item Tracking subsystem of Team Foundation Server using a syntax that contains SELECT, WHERE, COLUMN and SORT clauses. Query View is the user interface for defining work item queries.

work item type

A named definition associated with a project in a Team Foundation Server. Types are composed of fields, a form and work flow. They are defined using XML. Definitions are portable between Team Foundation Servers.

work product

A discrete deliverable or artifact, such as a document, spreadsheet, changeset, and so forth.

working folder

Specified folder on a user's local computer used to store files when they are checked out of the Visual SourceSafe database. A user makes changes to files in the working folder and then checks the modified files back into the database for version tracking.


Represents a client-side copy of the files in the server that you want to work in.


An activity that is composed of other activities. Work streams are the simple building blocks of the process. They may be assigned to single or multiple roles.


The circumstance in which one piece of software (the "wrapper") contains, encrypts, or encapsulates another piece of software (usually a legacy program or test) so that the contained software can function in the environment of the wrapper.