We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Working with Older Visual Studio Projects or Other Code Projects

While Team Foundation primarily works with Visual Studio 2005 solutions and projects, it does support working with older Visual Studio solutions and projects. If you have older projects or non-Visual Studio projects that cannot be migrated to the current version of Visual Studio 2005, you can still use Team Foundation to collaborate work on the projects by tracking work items, versioning source code, and maintaining documents.

Running Side-By-Side with Team Explorer

To work with older or non-Visual Studio solutions and projects, run Team Explorer or any Visual Studio 2005 client side-by-side with the other integrated development environment. You can use Team Explorer to work with team projects and manage work items while using the older or non-Visual Studio program to manage development of code.

Source Control

Source code for older Visual Studio projects cannot be managed by opening them in Team Foundation. Doing so would require them to upgrade to the current version of Visual Studio 2005. However, you can use Source Control Explorer, or the command line to manage the source code. Using either of these methods, you can continue to develop and build code in your older Visual Studio or non-Visual Studio program while using Team Foundation source control to manage the source files.

Using Source Control Explorer

Source Control Explorer displays all of the folders and files on the server. You can create a workspace and working folders for any kind of project and use Source Control Explorer to manage them. For more information, see Using Source Control Explorer. If you use Source Control Explorer, you must run Team Explorer side-by-side with the older or non-Visual Studio program.

Using the Command Line

You can use the Team Foundation command-line tool to add and manage older or non-Visual Studio projects in source control. If you use the command-line tool to manage source code, you can write and build code in your older or non-Visual Studio program while checking files in and out from the command line. For more information on using the Team Foundation command line tool, see Team Foundation Source Control Command-Line Reference.

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