This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Build (How Do I in Team Foundation)

This page links to help on widely used Team Foundation Build tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Team Foundation.

In General

Overview of Team Foundation Build

Provides a conceptual overview of Team Foundation Build.

Team Foundation Build Warnings and Errors

Explains warning and error messages that can be generated by Team Foundation Build.

Setting up Builds

How to: Configure a Scheduled Build (Command Line)

Explains how to set up a daily or scheduled build.

Using Test Lists

Describes how to run build verification tests as part of a build.

How to: Delete a Build Type

Describes how to delete a build.

How to: Set Build Quality

Describes how to set quality status (such as rejected, or released) on a build.

How to: Create Build Quality States

Describes how to create custom build quality states that you can use to report status on each build.

Running Builds

Walkthrough: Running a Build Type in Team Foundation Build

Describes how to start a build from a specific build type.

How to: Run a Build on a Build Type

Describes how to run a build from a build type.

How to: Build Team Projects on a Desktop

Describes how to run a build locally on your own computer.

Monitoring and Reporting

How to: View a Build Report

Describes how to find and view a build report after a build runs.

How to: Isolate Bugs Generated in a Build

Describes how to find work items created when a build has errors.

How to: View Build Summary Status

Describes how to use the Team Build Browser to view build summary status.

How to: Monitor Build Progress

Describes how to monitor a build that is in progress using the Team Build Browser or build reports.

How to: Receive Build Notification E-Mail

Describes how to set up e-mail notification on builds.

Walkthrough: Viewing Team Foundation Build Report Results

Describes how to view summary status, the detailed build report, the log file, and built binaries after a build runs.

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