This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Allocation View

The Allocation view lists information about the function name and type of allocation, number of instances, total bytes allocated, and percent of total bytes. Additional columns can be added to the view. You can sort the data by clicking column names. For more information, see How to: Collect .NET Memory Allocation and Lifetime Data.

The Allocation view can be customized to add or remove columns using a shortcut menu. It has the following columns:

Column Name Description

Class Token

The metadata identifier of the class.

Function Address

The address of the function in hexadecimal format.


Total number of instances of a class.

Line Number

Location of the start of the function in the source file.

Module Name

Name of the module that contains the function.

Module Path

Directory location of the module.

Process ID

Numeric identifier of the process.

Process Name

Name of the process.

Source File Name

File name that contains the function.

Total Bytes Allocated

Total number of bytes allocated in an instance of a class.

Type/Allocating Function

Data grouped by type. Expanding the type lists functions that made the allocation.

Unique Process ID

An unsigned integer used to track the process. It is assigned to a process based on the order in which it was loaded. For example, the first process is 0 and the second is 1.

% of Total Bytes

([Total number of bytes allocated in an instance of a class] /[ the total number of bytes allocated during profiling] )* 100