This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Configure IIS on Windows Server 2003

When you are debugging an application on Windows Server 2003, the user account that creates the application pool needs to be in the IIS_WPG group. Otherwise, you will not be able to debug the application even if the user is an Administrator on the machine.

When you install Visual Studio on Windows Server 2003, ASP.NET is not enabled by default. To develop Web projects, you must run the Security Lockdown Wizard after completing Visual Studio setup in order to change the locked-down status of ASP.NET.

If you run the Security Lockdown Wizard before Visual Studio setup is complete, the correct version of ASP.NET may not be enabled. Visual Studio setup installs a new version of ASP.NET. To make sure that the latest version of ASP.NET is enabled, you must run the Security Lockdown Wizard after setup has finished.


The dialog boxes and menu commands you see might differ from those described in Help depending on your active settings or edition. To change your settings, choose Import and Export Settings on the Tools menu. For more information, see Visual Studio Settings.

To configure IIS after running setup on Windows Server 2003

  1. On the Start menu, click All Programs.

  2. Click Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services.

  3. Right-click your machine name in the left pane, and click Security.

  4. On the first screen of the IIS Security Lockdown Wizard, click Next.

  5. Verify that HTTP is set to Automatic, and click Next.

  6. In the Request Handlers list, check ASP.NET, and each instance of <Microsoft.NET Framework install directory>\aspnet_isapi.dll.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

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