This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

New Project Dialog Box (Visual J#)

Visual Studio 2005

The New Project dialog box contains a list of predefined Visual Studio project templates, which represent the types of projects you can create with Visual Studio. When you choose a Project Type, Visual Studio sets up the necessary compiler options, and adds basic assembly references to the project. All of the underlying code and resource files, such as icons, cursors, and so forth, are also generated so you can compile an empty stub project. Once generated, you can add your own implementations and compile from within the project.

Visual J# provides four predefined project types:

Project Type Project Description

Windows Application

This project type is for creating Windows client applications. The project creates a Windows Form onto which you can drop other controls, and display text and graphics. For more information, How to: Create a Visual J# Windows Application.

Class Library

A class library project creates a library file that can be referenced from other applications.

Console Application

This project type is for creating command line utilities and applications. The output and input of the program occurs through a text-based terminal window. For more information, see How to: Create a Visual J# Console Application.

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