This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Copy Query Results 

You can copy the result set as tab-separated text from the Results pane. You may copy the entire result set or any number of contiguous or non-contiguous rows or cells.

To copy result-set text from the Results pane

  1. Run the query or view that has the data you want to copy.

  2. To select the entire result set, in the Results pane, click the top-left empty cell.

  3. To select rows:

    • Select one row by clicking the box to the left.

    • Select multiple contiguous rows by selecting one row and then dragging the mouse to select additional rows.

    • Select non-contiguous rows by selecting one row, then holding down the CTRL key and clicking additional rows.

    The selected rows will be highlighted.

  4. To select cells:

    • Select a single cell by clicking the value.

    • Select multiple cells by dragging the mouse to adjacent cells.

    • Select non-contiguous cells by selecting a single cell, then holding down the CTRL key and clicking additional cells.

    The selected cells will be highlighted.

  5. Right-click and choose Copy.

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