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INativeImageInstallInfo Interface

Provides methods to enable callers to get and cache information about a native image. This provides direct binding to the native image, rather than through a corresponding managed assembly.

interface INativeImageInstallInfo : IUnknown {
    HRESULT EnumDependencies (
        HCORENUM                       *phEnum,
        INativeImageDependency         *rDeps[],
        ULONG                          cMax,
        DWORD                          *pdwCount
    HRESULT GetConfigMask (
        DWORD                          *pConfigMask
    HRESULT GetConfigString (
        LPWSTR                         szConfigString,
        DWORD                          *pdwLength
    HRESULT GetEvaluationDataToCache (
        BYTE                           *ppbBuffer,
        DWORD                          *pdwBufferSize
    HRESULT GetILSignature (
    HRESULT GetILStrongSignature (
        BYTE                           *pbSig,
        DWORD                          *pcbSig
    HRESULT GetSignature (



INativeImageInstallInfo::EnumDependencies Method

Gets an enumerator for the assemblies upon which the current native image is dependent.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetConfigMask Method

Gets a mask of the currently cached native image to be used for partial matching.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetConfigString Method

Gets a string that contains information about the contents, dependencies, and assumptions of the native image.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetEvaluationDataToCache Method

Gets the data to be used for evaluation of the native image.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetILSignature Method

Gets the signature of the Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) assembly.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetILStrongSignature Method

Gets the strong-named signature of the managed assembly.

INativeImageInstallInfo::GetSignature Method

Gets the signature of the native image.

The IMetaDataAssemblyImport Interface interface can be queried for the INativeImageInstallInfo interface.

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 family

Header: Cor.h

Library: Used as a resource in MsCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Version: 2.0

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