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ISymUnmanagedReader::GetVariables Method

Returns a non-local variable, given its parent and name.

HRESULT GetVariables (
    [in]  mdToken  parent,
    [in]  ULONG32  cVars,
    [out] ULONG32  *pcVars,
    [out, size_is (cVars),
        length_is (*pcVars)] ISymUnmanagedVariable *pVars[]);


[in] The parent of the variable.


[in] The size of the pVars array.


[out] A pointer to the variable that receives the number of variables returned in pVars.


[out] A pointer to the variable that receives the variables.

S_OK if the method succeeds; otherwise, E_FAIL or some other error code.

Header: CorSym.idl, CorSym.h

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