This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ASP.NET Web Services QuickStarts 

The ASP.NET Web Services QuickStarts provide the fundamental components for rapidly deploying a Web service, and also provide solutions that address needs such as scalability, security, and performance.

For more information about installing and configuring the QuickStarts on your computer, see QuickStarts. After you install the QuickStarts, you will have access to an HTML-based documentation system that describes the QuickStarts and also indicates which features are new to ASP.NET version 2.0.

The ASP.NET QuickStarts are also available on the ASP.NET Web site.

Web Services Samples

The ASP.NET Web Services QuickStarts provide the following samples:

  • Create BP-Conformant Service

  • Use SOAP 1.2 Protocol

  • Return Various Data Types

  • Enable WebService DeCompression

  • Using ASP.NET Sessions

  • Create a Simple Math Service

  • Validate Messages

  • RAD Async Method Calls

  • Selecting Service At Runtime

  • Using Server Interface

  • Utilize SOAP Exceptions

  • Utilize SOAP Headers

  • Share Types Across Services

  • Use Default Credentials

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