This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

.NET Framework Programming

.NET Framework applications are built on the services of the common language runtime and take advantage of the .NET Framework class library. The documentation listed below is located in the "Development Tools and Languages" section of the MSDN Library.

Quick Technology Finder

Provides a quick reference to the major technology areas of the .NET Framework.

What's New in the .NET Framework

Summarizes features that have been added or modified in the latest versions of the .NET Framework.

Overview of the .NET Framework

Provides conceptual overviews of the .NET Framework, including the common language runtime, the class library, and cross-language interoperability.

.NET Framework Core Development

Discusses how you add code to your .NET Framework-based applications.

.NET Framework Advanced Development

Provides information about other technology areas in .NET Framework programming such as garbage collection, COM interop, and threading.

Security in the .NET Framework

Contains links to information on the .NET Framework classes and services that enable secure application development.

.NET Compact Framework

Provides information on the .NET Framework programming environment for devices.

.NET Framework Samples

Provides instructions for implementing specific development tasks, as well as examples of complete .NET Framework applications.