This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

C# DLLs (C# Programming Guide)

You can use Visual C# to create DLLs that are callable by other managed applications and by unmanaged code.

How to: Create and Use C# DLLs (C# Programming Guide)

Shows how to create class library projects in Visual C#.

/baseaddress (Specify Base Address of DLL) (C# Compiler Options)

Describes the /baseaddress compiler option which lets you specify the preferred base address at which to load a DLL.

Creating a Class to Hold DLL Functions

Explains how wrapping a frequently used DLL function in a managed class is an effective approach to encapsulate platform functionality.

Why Don't My DLL Breakpoints Work?

Lists reasons why breakpoints might not work as expected in DLLs and solutions or workarounds for each case.

Debugging DLL Projects

Provides information about how to debug DLL projects.

C# Programming Guide

Provides links to topics that explain features in C#.