This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Tutorial: Printing and Setting Print Options: Sample Code Information

Visual Studio 2005

Each tutorial comes with Visual Basic and C# sample code that show the completed version of the project. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to create a new project or open the sample code project to work from a completed version.

The sample code is stored in folders that are categorized by language and project type. The folder names for each sample code version are as follows:

  • C# Web Site: CS_Web_RDObjMod_SetPrintOptions
  • C# Windows project: CS_Win_RDObjMod_SetPrintOptions
  • Visual Basic Web Site: VB_Web_RDObjMod_SetPrintOptions
  • Visual Basic Windows project: VB_Win_RDObjMod_SetPrintOptions

To locate the folders that contain these samples, see Tutorials' Sample Code Directory.

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