This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Benefits of Dotfuscator 

Visual Studio 2005

Dotfuscator is a post-development recompilation system for .NET applications. It analyzes applications and makes them smaller, faster, and harder to reverse-engineer. In short, it makes them better.

Dotfuscator significantly enhances code security.

Dotfuscator includes state-of-the-art technology to protect .NET applications - securing the important intellectual property contained within.

Dotfuscator significantly decreases the size of .NET programs.

Dotfuscator Professional Edition analyzes your application and figures out exactly which parts of your program you're really using. From there it can strip out those pieces, leaving you with the smallest executable possible.

Dotfuscator improves run-time performance.

By removing unneeded program elements and renaming identifiers to small names, Dotfuscator can actually speed up programs.

In addition, Dotfuscator provides many other benefits, such as linking many assemblies into one and watermarking your application with hidden information.